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Vitiligo Treatment

When we talk about skin disorder vitiligo treatment, we should know about the history of the patient whether he or she receives this disease by means of heridatry, development of autoimmune system due to infections or autoantibodies. Moreover, geographical changes effecting the color of the skin such as the darker the more possibility of this disease and the distress or severe illness can also disturb the functioning of melanocytes produces special cells like melanin cells having yellow, brown or black pigments determines to maintain the human skin color. Its’ also protect the sunlight’s ultraviolet rays can turn into tan color. When the skin color maintains in normal condition means normal pigmentation. In case if the pigmentation works become disturb and shows abnormalities the process of depigmentation starts.One of the most interesting in the skin disorder vitiligo treatment is called phototherapy through sun exposures by turning the skin color into tan for certain Vitiligo disease.
There is no doubt the vitiligo need additional caring to diagnose effectively. Our Anti vitiligo Oil has been over marked and proven track record for skin disorder vitiligo treatment. Our herbal oil is pure and have formulated on specific herbs duly tested and approved by our recognized Scientific Research Institute. They are also free from any chemicals or steroids and the durability of life of this product is ever lasting. Daily massage on the vitiligo skin disorder effected area for 3 to 5 minutes till the oil is absolved into the skin before going to bed and wash in the morning. Our vitiligo treatment product will effect gradually on the skin  and vitiligo effected skin colour will turn into pink and dark spots, you should remain the process for same time, later you will find the repigmentation process of melanin cell will bring back to its origin skin within 3 to 4 months. Our product never come across any side effects .

What is Melanin

Melanin is a pigment that functions controlling of skin colors to protect from the sun rays. The Darker Skin carries more than a lighter skin. Our skins turned Tan color when the production of Melanin is increased. Changing of skin colors is effected by  so many reasons like the exposures of Sun Rays, chemical reactions, food poisoning, wrongly diagnosed, depression, physical stressed, grievances and sorrow, etc.
Melanin is therefore very important in terms of maintaining skin colors  either Dark, Tan or Light. When the functioning of Melanin becomes out of order or not to the standard that needed for it’s skin color maintenance will start loosing and develop patches on the body or white spots on the skin. This is called Vitiligo. Therefore, it is meant as either dysfunction or disorder of Melanin production whereas there is no specific reasons for this cause has been found yet. The disease is known autoimmune as it attacks it’s own body. Vitiligo can occur across the body and could be curable on various ways. But the surety of curable percentage is not guaranteed till today. Either it can be prevented or cured but one should avoid from exposure of sun rays at any cost as it can be harmful and can create more complications.

What Is Vitiligo And Its Causes

In medical terminology white spots appearing on the skin is a kind of skin disorder in which the pigments have become malfunctioning to maintain the color of the skin is called either Vitiligo or Leucoderma/Vitiligo is not a contagious disease. It is also relatively known as common skin disorders having effected approximately between 1 and 2 percent of the world population. This can be affected at any age but the research confirms that it can appear before the age of 20. Generally they are known as inherited disease.
It is also associated with autoimmune diseases such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism and Addison’s disease. It can also appear on the scalp affecting the color of hair turning grey or leaving white patches or streaks. In some cases, wounds that heal from the skin injury may leave de-pigmentation causing Vitiligo to that injured area.
They are very common to those people suffering from the deficiency of adrenocortical or in the form of autoimmune disorder. This insufficient production of hormone namely corticosteroid level has effected to the standard requirements of color maintenance changed the skin into white patches. In such cases most of the Doctors advise to apply corticosteriod cream to the effected areas.
This kind of disease is known centuries back and there is treatment like a long duration to expose in sun or ultra violet rays stimulating melanocytes cell may turn the effected skin into tan or brown color but the curable surety could not be countable as the skin may turn again to white patches.
A limited amount of sun exposure is beneficial to the skin. Acne often improves with the ultra violet rays. Acne   is known as one of the skin disorders usually affects the face, neck, shoulder, chest and back. It begins under the layer of skins in glands next to the hair follicles. Some Doctors may advise to use their medicines (creams or oils, in the early days some medicinal plants like Bavchi powder mixed with water) applications before the sun exposures. Research although proves that cells belonging to the pigmentation may become activated and the functioning of melanin becomes normal. In United States application of Psoralen phtotchemotherapy (Psoralen and ultraviolet) is one of the most effective treatment.
One of the research advances toward transplantation or skin grafting of melanocytes (skin layer) from one part of the body to the effected area found to be completely curable to those suffering from Vitiligo or Leucoderma. In case of small area affected Vitiligo patient may go for surgical treatment by punching biopsy specimen from a pigmented donor to a de-pigmented Vitiligo patient.
In some cases, there is skin abnormalities causing the skin color defected to lighter or darker shades and they are importantly similar symptoms which require immediate attention and consultation with the concern Dermatologist before using any kind of treatment. Widespread Vitiligo is also advisable to diagnose with PUVA treatment.
Dermatologist may prescribe topical treatments for Vitiligo, acne and eczemas as well as oral applications (pills or tablets) if so require incase of severe or chronic condition.
To diagnose Vitiligo is a long term treatment and it may take between 3 and 4 months. However, the duration of vitligo treatment can not be counted against the size of effected areas on the skin. Some widespread Vitiligo may respond very fast or a few white patches may prolong to quite some longer period in their healing process. Therefore, the results of treatment are largely dependent on how severe the case is. It is also important to distinguish between the Vitiligo and skin burns before the diagnose as well as to get the laboratory test to confirm the exact cause.

There Are Many Options For Vitiligo Treatment

There are many method for  vitiligo treatments are used some of them are shown below.
Vitligo Treatments With Herbal Oil.
Anti vitiligo oil is a Pure herbal oil for vitiligo treatment. A complete solution of skin disorder white pink or any type of vitiligo patches. Anti vitiligo Oil is now Being used in many countries of the World with high success rates.
Anti vitiligo Oil ™ is very simple to use and needs to be applied only once a day. It is now known as the most Effective Herbal Remedy for the treatment of vitiligo.Re-pigmentation with Anti vitiligo Oil is very fast, results are mostly visible after 2 to 3 months (May bee after some weeks) of  regular application. Re-pigmentation with Anti vitiligo Oil is permanent.
All the ingredients used in preparation of Anti Vitiligo Oil are Purely of  herbal origin. Anti vitiligo oil contains pure herbs as no chemicals are used in it. and 100 % Risk Free.
How to Apply?
The Treatment is very simple just Wash Affected Areas of your Skin with plain water and dry it with towel, Simply Apply Anti vitiligo Oil with soft hands at affected area of your skin and massage till its absorbed with soft finger tips. You can wash it after 5 hours with any soap. Always shake Anti vitiligo Oil before use.
Vitiligo Homeopathic Treatment.
Homeopathy has shown a deep research on vitiligo skin disorder or vitiligo disease and they have the conclusions about vitiligo is not as a disease and referred this skin disorder as abnormal functioning of the inner layer of the skin. Homeopathic treatment is based on the natural herbals and formulations of medicines are purely followed by the modern Homeopathic Doctors as per the researchers and expert has made for them more than hundred of years back.
A miraculous medicines made from natural herbals have ever made successful in this modern world and the results remain positive till today. In the cases of vitiligo, Homeopathic Doctors has taken step by step understanding the nature and cause of the vitiligo with the patient carefully enable to analyze the reasons. This will assist him to provide the right medicine for a patient. Subsequently, they will make a thorough study first on patient to patient wise and will diagnose according to their requirement. This is true that in Homeopathy the doctor will only advise the right medicine if necessary after their deep study of their patient and the medicines will be different for different nature of patients suffering from the skin disorder.
The administration of homeopathic medicine will regenerate the destroyed pigments, followed up with the slow downing of the depigmentation process and gradually bringing into the normal skin condition by means of the prescriptions provided by the Doctors. In homeopathy prescriptions is one of the most important factor that depends on the doctors’ deeply understanding the causes of the vitiligo which will then the administration of medicines are taken by the patients.
There are no such topical applications like cream or lotion is prescribed by the homeopathic doctors. In addition to the above, diet controls and advice for good and bad is a part of their treatments too. Sourly foods, non vegetarian foods, flavored drinks and artificial food colors are not advisable by the homeopathic physicians.There may not be enough scientific evidence to prove how these foods worsen vitiligo but our clinical experience has shown that many patients report worsening of their vitiligo from these items and hence they are better avoided.
Turmeric treatment.
There are many herbal treatments available for the curing of Vitiligo. Turmeric application on the affected area is one of the known oldest treatment and they are still using for local application even today. The turmeric is blended into a water heated then mix mustard oil as per the requirement for application on the affected white patches area.
Babchi treatment
Babchi is a herbal seed. This is one of the most renown and mostly applied by all common effected people all over the world. The Herbalist research stated that excessive use is not good for application on the human skin. They have limited potency and to apply them within the period of time by messaging on the affected area to absolve into the skin and the exposure of sun rays does require for some time. But we have noticed that not every one is cured by oral or local application treatment.
To conclude this subject, you can manage the treatment through our product vitiligo herbal Oil. We have noticed in many cases that once the vitiligo is disappear the depigmentation of cell has never occured again. Therefore, our vitiligo herbal Oil is more effective and guaranteed that regenerated skin disorder will never disappear again.

how vitiligo can be cure

Vitiligo is a known skin disorder started centuries back and the application of different oils, lotions, paste, medicines, surgery or any other improved medical treatment such as laser or grafting has been taken places all over the world. But neither of the treatment could be well guaranteed as they can be recovered forever.
The research that carries toward in-depth knowledge of understanding Vitiligo and observations on recovery  found different results on patient to patient basis. Basic concepts and recommendations on how to vitiligo cure has open different views by renown Scientist, Homeopathic consultants, Medical Professions, etc and the bottom line is to follow the prescriptions strictly laid down by the respective products’ manufacturer. Even then one can not be given any surety that this skin disorder is 100 % curable internally.
Some of the Ayurvedic Physicians recommeded that by using surgical knife or syringe to leech at the affected white patches area of the skin known to be part of therapy.
To Diagnose Vitiligo is a long term treatment may take 3 to 4 months and the period of treatment varies patient to patient basis some may take earlier and some may take longer depending the construction skin layers.
The controls and maintenance of skin color is being maintained by the melanocyte cells. These cell functions are based upon the exposures of sun rays and they increases when the direct exposures of sun rays remain continiously and decreases when in normal condition. The research confirm that there are many reasons causing dysfuntional of melanocyte cells either psychological reactions, stress, imbalance diets, direct exposure of sun rays, etc. When these melanocyte cells disturbed or malfunctioning occur white patches on the skin appeared and they are name as Vitiligo/Leucoderma white skin. The treatment also need to over see the history of the respective patient so as to treat effectively.

vitligo pictures

pictures of vitiligo are  used only for showing the vitiligo conditions how it is spread on the different areas.  many pictures of vitiligo available in the market but these pictures are not real vitiligo patients pictures. these pictures just design. real pictures is that is take by the vitiligo patients before and after treatments. The website is one of the best website which has a great combination of vitiligo pictures which is take before the treatments and after the vitiligo treatment by vitiligo skin disorder disease patients. these pictures of vitiligo you can see at.
how usa vitiligo patients get vitiligo treatments

Treatment For Vitiligo In USA And WorldWide

Anti Vitiligo oil is purely herbal treatment of Vitiligo. It has generated to new skin melanocytes cells and completely recovers vitiligo skin patches. It is give to naturally skin color. Herbal oil track record is very excellent. Thousand of vitiligo skin disorders patients are recover with anti vitiligo oil. 1 to 5 millions people have vitiligo skin disease. Mostly vitiligo patients are used different medicine but no more affected for vitiligo disease. Anti vitiligo oil is very famous for vitiligo treatment in USA worldwide. It has no side affects in skin or body. Every vitiligo patients is can easily use on skin .Many patient are satisfied with result anti vitiligo oil.